Community Compass CIC offers creative new ways

for older people to stay social, get active

and have fun.

While there is some support available for people who come into the healthcare system after becoming ill,  we saw a need for something that could help communities to build their own support 

networks to prevent loneliness on a local level, 

before it becomes a problem.

The Team

''We had an idea to improve the lives of older people in our local area and we turned our
idea into a reality and launched Community Compass CIC, a new social enterprise that helps
communities to deliver sustainable, creative and active social groups or ‘Compass Clubs’ a
youth club for the older adult.''

Loneliness is very common amongst older people, often brought on by the loss of confidence caused bybig life changes such as retirement, health problems or the death of a loved one. 

Over one million older people say they are always or often feel lonely with two ­fifths saying the
television is their main form of company. Having both worked with older people for years (we met 

working at Age UK Cheshire on their Casserole Club and Wear Purple projects), we have seen the 

problems it can cause first hand, with lonely people being more likely to become ill, have trips and falls and also suffer from depression.

We found out that Brightlife, a Big Lottery ­funded partnership set up to reduce loneliness amongst older people in Cheshire West, was offering funding to people who wanted to set their own projects up. We realised that we could create something really brilliant with their
help, so we set up as a CIC (Community Interest Company) and applied for funding from them.
We were over the moon when our application was successful. We have since been successful in securing further funding from The Peoples Health Trust and Cheshire Community Foundation.

At Community Compass, we encourage and support people to find a way out of loneliness.
We do this by helping communities to deliver sustainable, creative and active social groups or
‘Compass Clubs’. By joining a Compass Club, older people can access a weekly social group
within their local community, giving them the opportunity to make new friends, learn new
skills and enjoy new things whilst staying active, independent and involved.

Telephone: 01606 827131 - E-Mail:

Simone Cobbold and Yvonne Boyle have been working with older people on community projects for many years.

They first met at Age UK Cheshire whilst working for the Casserole Club and Wear Purple, projects which gave them a unique insight into the problems that the older generation face today. 

The recurring theme through all the projects they worked on was isolation... and how it can creep up on anyone through no fault of their own.    

Their aim is to combat this through friendly, inclusive, accessible clubs and activities, running on a regular basis.

Who we are

The Idea