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At Community Compass we run several sessions throughout the week in order to combat social isolation as best as we possibly can. As you can see from our easy to use Google Calendar below, we have a variety of sessions running every week spanning from our usual Compass Clubs ('A youth club for the older generation') or our Nordic Walking or Creative sessions. We try to make sure there is something for everyone and encourage everyone to try new things and meet new people!

It is your group
How about re-firing your interest in a lapsed hobby?
We are always open to new ideas and stress that we like the groups to be led by YOUR interests, not ours, we are there to help facilitate this.

All of our groups are friendly, welcoming and inclusive. We appreciate it can take some courage to attend something new and will try our upmost to ensure you feel comfortable and at ease.
If we know you are coming for the first time we will make sure somebody is there to greet you, so please do let us know if this would help.

If you think one session may be within your interests, check out the times and dates on our calendar below and if you need any more information contact us on:

What we do

​​Community Compass offers creative new ways for older people to stay social, get active and have fun.

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