Compass Clubs

Our 'Compass Clubs' offer a wide range of community-based activities to suit all tastes and ages. We also offer training to help people create their own groups, which they can manage and run themselves for years to come. The idea behind our 'Compass Clubs' is to support communities to set up sustainable regular social groups for older people aged 50+.

''A youth club for the older generation.''

Joining a Compass Club gives you access to a weekly social group within your local community, and the opportunity to make friends, learn new skills whilst staying active, independent and involved in your activity.  

Community Compass hosts a social group held in a venue within a local area. The groups meet every week and all members are asked to pay a small contribution (approx. £2 depending on activity) to cover the costs. Community Compass will work with the community to find a solution to making the group sustainable. The support will vary from area to area and we will respond to the individual group needs.

We have several clubs on offer throughout the week in local Cheshire areas, please click on the additional tab for details (under 'what we do').

What is a Compass Club?

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Community Compass CIC offers creative new ways

for older people to stay social, get active

and have fun.